Interstate Waste Systems And Recycling Equipment
Interstate Waste Systems And Recycling Equipment
Interstate Waste Systems And Recycling Equipment

Interstate Waste Systems is dedicated to offering solutions to fit the demand of any solid waste and recycling
needs your company requires. With 25 years of experience in the waste and recycling industry, Interstate Waste Systems will make recommendations to get the solutions needed.
Whether you need a trash compactor, baler, food waste equipment or other types of waste and recycling equipment Interstate Waste Systems can provide it for you. Ask us today for your free waste stream evaluation and consultation to determine what areas your company can improve the current waste management program.

We understand that today's businesses have a variety of needs when it comes to waste management systems. We will provide you with the extensive knowledge and the experience required to find the appropriate waste minimization solution for your business.

FREE Waste Stream Evaluation and Consultation


Industries Served and the Needs Recognized

Food Waste...For Grocery Stores, restaurants, hospitals and universities food waste accounts for a large percent of the waste stream and waste disposal expenses. We can recommend a system that actually illuminates your food waste and the associated costs. This state of the art technology liquefies the food waste with the help of micro organisms that can safely go down the drain.

Industrial...The need for efficient, reliable equipment to handle large volumes of waste and recyclables to make them more manageable, if you are a large distribution center or small business we can recommend versatile and rugged equipment to manage your waste stream.

Retail...The solution for retail waste management varies depending on the scenario. Is the facility free standing or a shopping center. The type of retail included, supermarket, hardware, clothing, food service, office or professional services. if it is a chain store, franchise or independently owned. It is our job to determine the type of waste to be managed and recommend user friendly, durable and reliable equipment that will provide a professional appearance.

Hospitality and Universities...The hospitality industry has a unique set of challenges to meet. A professional appearance, clean environment and complying with the industry safety requirements. Knowing the waste disposal needs of the industry vary allows us to customize our recommendation for recycling equipment, compactors and food waste disposal equipment for hotels and restaurants of all sizes.

Medical Healthcare...Being a member of such a strictly regulated industry. Hospitals, clinics and nursing homes face a unique set of challenges when it comes to waste disposal. Their challenges include handling a huge volume of waste, diversity in types of waste, food, housekeeping, record destruction and medical waste and different processes involved for proper disposal. All while abiding by set regulations and providing a secure, sanitary, neat and clean environment for both patients and staff and of course reducing the waste disposal costs affecting the bottom line. Our job is to recommend comprehensive solutions and equipment to meet required regulations and streamline your waste management system to reduce waste handling fees.

High Rise Properties...The advantage of housing a large number of tenants in a smaller amount of ground space of a high rise comes the challenge of large amounts of waste and different types, depending on the use of the building and types of tenants. Another consideration is the design and construction of the building itself. Has the building been designed for compaction on each floor or has been designed with chutes and chute room. Considering all of this information Interstate Waste Systems will be able to recommend efficient, cost effective, reliable solutions to help maintain a sanitary environment and reduce your waste handling costs.


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